Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wish you a Christmas, but a merry one!

Christmas gives everybody sweet memories and experiences. But I do have sweet, bitter, switter, sore...

During my college days we visited Chennai. We were staying some where near Egmore station . We had our dinner from Hotel Vasantha Bhavan(if my memory SMB). Payasam started oozing out through nose. So a walk was inevitable to bring the situation under control . We walked hardly two three minutes only to be stopped by sweet Christmas songs in a hall. There was a gathering njaying the music. Some of the gentle men standing at the gate welcomed us "please come saaRR". We surrendered before their love and affection . The vasantha bhavan dinner already eaten us then who can refuse a timely Christmas-song on a christmas eve . The hall was decorated with multi coloured bulbs. Smart people make smart move. Well decorated ladies have taken strategic position to attract the entire crowd. Six-seven members of our gang started enjaying the music . During a break Shibu asked us "who is she?"

Our eyes followed his index finger. Yes one well made up woman was sitting on one side of the stage and the orchestra was at the opposite side . We were fully immersed in the music and the-lady-of-the corner not attracted us. She was not a w-o-m-a-n but was a budding one ... Then who is she? why-is-she-there?
Then some people were coming to her side , chit chatting and waving good bye..
In news casters language Wh-t-s h-a-pp-e-n-i- n-g t-h-r-e-? we felt some uneasiness as if some body had pressed an ejector button. We all got up instantly . I asked one Mr somebody"whats going on here? I repeated the same question to many people gathered there. Some people were smiling at me and I was clue less. Then I turned to a Mr smile only to repeat the question. When I heard the reply I felt that not the earth but entire universe it self revolves around me. ...Some body pulled the mosaic floor beneath my feet....the heavy vasantha bhavan dinner just evaporated in thin air ...
Then t-h-a-t w-a-s haaappppening there ...we ran back to our respective hotel rooms with out looking each other. That was actually the mother of all humiliations.
Years passed again a new Christmas is there before us. I was thinking of that Christmas eve @ Chennai. The Christmas songs are still there in my ears . Then what about the girl....where will be she now? what will be she now? That night the gathering was celebrating her new maturity status ...she just attained woman hood - and her family was enjoying it. Such a custom or system was not there in our area.

Points for my bail application...
1)The christian devotional songs on that x-mas eve made us believing that it was a Christmas programme....
2) The reception committee welcomed us unconditionally with a Thousand Watts smile "please come SAAARRRR".
Any way this incident made all of us "matured". Before taking any step we think several times (ultimately only to commit the most blunder!). That Christmas gave us this peculiar lesson! I do convey that message to you through this blog.
Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you !