Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tell me, How can I do it ?

Those were the days, you look any where only to see the incandescent lamp of 40 watts, 60 watts ,100 Watts. Then came the lovely fluorescent lamps(40 watts) with milky light. People turned to 36 watts lamp(slim tube) to save 4 watts per fitting but at the cost of light out put. By ninety's CFLs came to our houses to make us surprised to see the "light" electricity bills....Now they tell us about LED fitting. Though LED fittings consume a very little energy the price factor burn our fingers.
Many CFLs which we had been using since nineties lived their life and we have been replacing the compacty. we just throw these dead lamps just like that . Then what happen to these dead ones? No body knows! We care Lesly throw these lamps only to pollute the earth and sources of water by the Mercury emerge from these lamps! Quantity of mercury emerge out of one single lamp is not that big. But its polluting capacity is high. Then you think of hundreds of thousands of CFLs which we give up and dump in dust bins.
Then what can we , the ordinary people, do? A lot, actually a lot . Just avoid throwing the CFLs care lessly and do not let the lamps to break. Keep the dead lamps in a box so as to avoid physical and chemical pollution. But the government has to take the initiative . Just like the case of dead batteries , arrangement has to be made to collect the fused lamps by the manufacturer s so as to re cycle/ re-process the CFLs. An incentive is to be given to the customers in the form of discounts, while purchasing new CFLs, for the dead CFLs returned by the customer. Who will draw the attention of the government to this problem? We, who else?

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