Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mummy, start immedietely !

Yes, the good news emerged in the month of September, a consequence of sixth pay commission! We had danced with excitement then rained the leave application forms on boss's' tables . [The head clerks' usual question (Have you obtained prior approval ? etc!) Otherwise, Who will remember a head clerk in those moments? Do you?]. That was an exodus from office leaving behind the shocked bosses jealous male colleagues dusty files and red tapes....

Whats wrong in caring the child 's father during the leave period ? whats wrong in going to native place and helping husband's business at least by handling the cash box !Whats wrong in helping own sister to run her beauty parlour during the leave period? There are no clauses ,forbidding one from loving one's dear and near ones in service rule, Are there? The jealous ones ,the ever critics the bosses and asses tell that this leave would crumble the functioning of offices , especially in the CAPITAL.

The fight began in Delhi When different people of same section started leaving the Office ...The problem was there where more Eves were working.. that too in shifts...The modern Sakuny maamas started working their devil's work shop round the clock!

Alas! It has proved again that the November is the cruelest month... to be more specific Eighteenth of November , the order has been issued on the very day ...The news spread like wild fire. We started receiving telegrams-mummy start immediately. Male colleagues with burning hearts hearts started distributing sweets....

Nineteenth of November ..So many Cars screeched to a halt at the porticoes of central Government offices ...So many of us draped in house coats and Nighties rushed to their respective section to join duty. Some people got spoons and forks when they searched their pockets of house coats for joining report...Their boss stared at them like a question mark.

All good things never last long!
Again back to the world of files dusts red tapes..un interrupted chaai..naastha..toilet...lunch..toilet...chai...snack tea...quarrel...gossip...
Poor..babies may be crying there alone ..He is so small ,only in +2 , to manage him self.
Poor baby's father too!
All good things never last long!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


If press report can be believed there are two types of Bombs in India,namely Their Bombs and our Bombs. The action of bombs depends on who-you-are! If You are in the same phase with the planter of the bombs bomb will not hurt you but will simply tickle you and if you are "they" for the planters of bomb ....Gone. You will be blown off to pieces. So while waiting for trains/buses or roaming at a market place keep away from their bombs. The big B (the Assam variety) or small B (Malegaon variety)
May God save all of us from all sort of their bombs and our bombs